• NEEDING a resume/cover letter makeover?
  • SEEKING a new career but afraid of leaving a stable job?
  • OVERWHELMED by work, family and trying to manage everything at once?
  • FRUSTRATED by the lack of time for yourself?
  • READY to lead in your field?


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  • Working with Elana through a career change was an absolute pleasure. She gave me the confidence I needed to feel prepared to face an extremely competitive job market, starting with transforming my lengthy resume into a concise document that best represented my strengths. With Elana’s support, I felt inspired to move forward in the job search and have no doubt that I would not have been able to secure interviews without her help. She provided me with the direction that I needed by being a great listener, offering sound advice and encouragement. I would highly recommend Elana as a career coach to anyone who needs a resume boost or wants to make a career change. Not only is Elana a true expert in her field, she is a genuinely wonderful person to work with as well.

    - Rachel P. , Client Relationship Manager, San Francisco, CA

  • Elana was a life saver for me! I have been in the same job for 8 years and wasn’t well prepared or motivated when a new job opportunity came up that I wanted to pursue. Elana reviewed my resume, helped me update it and make it much more succinct and modern. She took the time to look at the new job description and worked with me to refine my cover letter. Most importantly, she encouraged me to apply for the job. She helped me feel capable, confident and excited about making a move in my career. Elana just gets it ~ she motivates people, she has a broad understanding of career satisfaction, and how to encourage people to grow in their careers. I highly recommend working with Elana!

    - Jessica C , Mental Health Director, San Francisco, CA

  • I was lucky enough to find Elana when I decided to re-enter the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for five years. She was absolutely fantastic to work with! She breathed new life into my resume, helped me craft a powerful cover letter, and worked tirelessly on a number of documents that needed an unusually fast turnaround time. She was full of great advice and useful ideas, and gave me the confidence to go into that first interview knowing I was qualified for the job. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to make any type of career transition.

    - Summer R , IT Professional, San Francisco, CA

  • I called Elana when I dusted off my resume after nearly a decade at the same job. She was tremendously helpful as I navigated a big career change. With Elana’s guidance and encouragement, I was able to narrow and define my career interests, brainstorm job options, frame myself as an attractive applicant, prepare for interviews, and negotiate arrangements with potential employers. Prior to working with Elana, I had never worked with a career coach before and I was frankly a little skeptical. Elana’s services were more valuable than I could have imagined. She gave me extremely concrete, pointed advice at every stage of my job search. She was also a pleasure to work with.

    - Ellen F , Attorney, Philadelphia, PA

  • Elana was exactly what I needed to get thinking about a major change in my life – going from a full-time mom at home, a role that I fell so deeply in love with, to very reluctantly re-entering the work force. Without her, I would not have made it far past the first notion of this plan. After a single session with Elana, I felt excited about my prospects and the idea that this change can be positive and fulfilling in other important ways. She also reminded me how important this very message is to my children. I sincerely appreciate what Elana, a mom herself as well as a passionate career woman, has brought to this very important transition in my life. I highly recommend Elana for women like me!

    - Lisa S , Health Care Professional, San Francisco, CA

  • Over the course of an intense job search, Elana was a source of constant support. She offered innovative suggestions for me to find new employment, all of which paid off ultimately! She completely revamped my resume and cover letters to make them more tailored and effective. Elana really listened to me when I told her about my dream job and always believed I would find it even when I didn’t. Her guidance truly meant a lot during a frustrating time.

    - Paula E , Attorney, San Francisco, CA

  • I was overwhelmed when faced with searching for a new job and frustrated that I’d put steering my career on the backburner for so long. Elana helped me gain perspective and confidence — both key to putting together a job-searching plan and moving forward. Within a short time I was prepping for interviews with Elana, and landed multiple offers. I plan to continue to see Elana for much needed check-ins to be sure I stay on track with where I want to be professionally. I believe her insight and solid advice will help me continue to chart the best path for my future.

    - Courtney T , Attorney, San Francisco, CA

  • Elana Konstant was an incredible help to me during a period of transition. She helped me to realize that I could steer the course of my career. In addition to the coaching, her revisions to my resume also greatly impacted my job search. Shortly after I accepted her changes, I received an interview request from a global company I considered an ideal employer. I truly believe Elana’s guidance throughout my application process led to my being offered and accepting the position. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone looking for new employment or in career transition.

    - Amanda W , Attorney, New York, NY

  • I worked with Elana on some strategic consulting for my business, as we were exploring a few different areas for growth. Her guidance was not only helpful for me professionally, but personally as well. She provides incredible value and expertise, along with some hard-hitting goal setting; and she does it all with a great sense of humor and grace. She took what felt like a confusing jungle of options and created a clear, direct path to exactly where I wanted to be…and beyond!

    I highly recommend Elana as an excellent way to take your work and your life to the next level.

    - Kristen H , Owner, Health Services Company, San Francisco, CA

  • I just completed a fantastic 4 part workshop led by Elana on “Leaping Back – Strategies for Re-entering the Workforce After Kids.” The workshop was engaging and really helped me and the others generate some great ideas and momentum. She has also provided great advice on updating resumes and LinkedIn.

    - Michelle R , Attorney & Program Manager, Bethesda, MD

  • I had the good fortune to hear Elana Konstant speak with the Moms Group at my law firm. Elana is a wonderfully warm and thoughtful person. Her speaking style is easy-going, but inspiring. As a former attorney herself, Elana relates to the day-to-day challenges of being an attorney who also happens to be a mom. As a result, she was able to communicate real-life, tried-and-true tips for managing the chaos in all aspects of life. Anyone would be lucky to hear Elana speak or to work with her in coaching!

    - Stephanie S , Attorney & Trainer, Washington, DC

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